Decorate a Harry Potter Pumpkin for Halloween
October 28, 2014

My 10 year old had a classroom project and he was asked to decorate a pumpkin presenting his favorite book character and he obviously picked Harry Potter. I helped him since this was his first time using a hot glue gun and those things can get really hot.

I think Professor McGonagall would be super proud of the transfiguration spell he used to turn his pumpkin into Harry Potter!

Pumpkin to Harry Potter in FIVE Easy Steps:

1. Start with a beautiful, clean pumpkin.

2. Cut strips of black paper napkins about 3/4 way in so that the strips are still attached at one end. Circle around the head of the pumpkin and stick the hair to the scalp using hot glue and continue adding more napkins until the top of the pumpkin is covered. Ruffle Harry's hair to give it the messy look after a good quidditch game!

3. Buy glasses or sunglasses with a black round frame at a local dollar store. This is the closest we could get to a round frame. Push out the glass lenses carefully and break the temples at the hinge. Tie an elastic at the hinges so that it stretches around the pumpkin. A black elastic is preferable but we had white so we used a Sharpie to color it black. Secure the glasses and apply hot glue under and around to make sure they don't slip down.

4. Use a black Sharpie to make his eyes and nose and a red one to make his mouth. Lift up some hair above his right eye and make the scar that made Harry Potter famous! Harry should have his mother's eyes, so use markers to make them green-ish.

5. Print out or paint paper with red and gold stripes to match the magestic Gryffindor colors. Wrap a long strip around Harry's neck and cross over in the front to make a scarf. Glue everything in place so that it does not fall off.


If you have made an interesting pumpkin character and would like to share a picture or directions, please email it to me and I will be very happy to showcase it here.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will help you the best I can!

Thank you and Keep Smiling!

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