Communication Etiquette for Weddings
September 27, 2013

Communication is a big part of Wedding Etiquette. It's a good idea to maintain communication with your wedding guests and making sure that everyone feels warm and invited.

It works really well if you make a list or spreadsheet of people who are invited. Planning of accommodation, seating, favors and food becomes so much easier if you can see everything typed out neatly right in front of you.

Wedding cards RSVP Save the Date

Wedding and RSVP cards go out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. This might not be enough time for most guests to plan their schedule. It is always a good idea to send out "Save the Date" cards about 6 months before the wedding. You should include the date and the location of the wedding and the contact details of the person planning the events. The exact venue and program details are not required at this point. If you are having a destination wedding, the card could include travel information and any group discount that are offered by the flights and hotels.

Once the wedding and RSVP cards go out closer to the wedding, please keep track of the RSVP. This will help you plan the details. If you do not receive a confirmation until the date mentioned on the card, do get in touch with the person and ask. It will be less stressful on the wedding day if you know exactly who is coming.

Don't forget those "Thank You" notes after the fun-filled gorgeous wedding! It is acceptable to send out notes within 2-3 months of the event. If you have that spreadsheet I talked about earlier, you can include the information about the gifts too and start working on the notes as soon as the gifts start coming in. That will save you a lot of time after the wedding and you won't be too overwhelmed with a pile of "Thank You" notes. It is best to hand-write the notes. With all the technology and going paper-less and green in style, I still think that a simple card that is written by hand and gets delivered by mail gives a warm and fuzzy feeling :-)

Things tie in well together if all the cards go along with the theme and colors of the wedding events. Zazzle has a very good collection of well priced cards for all wedding events. They also have some cute postage stamp ideas that totally won me over. I love personalized things and those extra details make it special! If you want something absolutely custom-made and just for your wedding, you can contact Chrissy. She is very creative and her products are handmade with just YOU in mind! She made some lovely "Save the Date" coasters for a friend. What a wonderful touch, and totally different than receiving a card!

Most of all - be sincere with your correspondence and do it from your heart. This is your big day and your friends and family will give it direction, so keep the communication simple and inviting. And... don't forget to have fun!

Thank you and Keep Smiling!

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