Celebrate Valentine's Day with Kids!
February 07, 2012

It is February and so far we have escaped the regular crazy snow storms in New Jersey this winter! I hope I don't jinx the lovely weather by saying it out loud :)

I love February. I look forward to Valentine's Day mostly because I get to bring out my heart shaped cookie cutters and use them profusely without looking a little silly. So the kids get heart shaped sandwiches for lunch and I use my tiniest cutters to cut up slices of cucumbers and carrots into little hearts.

Valentine Heart Cookies

I also bake heart shaped cookies for my family and break my New Year's resolution to eat healthy!

I usually plan out an activity to do with the kids after dinner but we end up not doing it and are perfectly happy eating our cookies and reading out the funny little cards and notes that my kids get from school.

Valentine Gifts and cards

In case you are looking for something cute to do with your kids this Valentine, I love this website by Disney for their craft ideas, printables and easy recipes!

So - how do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Keep Smiling!

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