Slideshow Questions

What is a Slideshow?

A Slideshow is a customized musical montage made from the pictures and videos you have taken over the years. Using your digital or scanned pictures, I'll compile your Slideshow on a beautiful video DVD that you would treasure forever. No two Slideshows are the same. Each Slideshow I make is a unique creation meant to reflect your personal style and taste.

Is it worthwhile to make a Slideshow with the tons of pictures I have?

You bet! Slideshows are excellent when it comes to organizing and storing your precious memories.

Create a Slideshow with pictures of the first smile, the first tooth, the first step and other sweet moments of your baby's life. Gift the DVD to distant grandparents and let them experience what the little ones are up to!

Wow your guests at your child's birthday party or a sweet 16 by showcasing the Slideshow. Charm everyone at your wedding rehearsal dinner by letting a Slideshow tell the whole tale- starting from your dating days to your first kiss and the proposal!

Display your Slideshows at Birthdays, Graduations, Engagements, Weddings, Baby Showers, Wedding Anniversaries and Retirements.

Or simply show off your wonderful Hawaii vacation to friends and family after the backyard barbecue... the opportunities are endless!

I love ALL the pictures I have! Which ones should I choose to send you?

Select pictures that make you laugh or cry. Include special memories like birthdays, vacations, sports, New Year celebrations and other events. "Action" photos (making faces, dancing, riding a bike...) are awesome.

Do include pictures of family and friends- they will be watching the show and it's more fun to find oneself in the cast! And for best results, avoid pictures that are very small or blurry.

Can background music, songs and special effects be included?

Yes. All Slideshows are choreographed with matching songs, music and special effects. I purchase the sound tracks on your behalf and the cost is included in the price of the Slideshow, so you don't pay anything extra. If you have any favorite songs that you want me to include, just let me know and I'll love to do that for you!

Can you add my personal video clips to a Slideshow?

Yes sure, I'll be happy to do that for you! There is no extra charge for this. However, each video clip of 1 minute (or less) will count as 10 pictures towards your pricing plan.

What is the length of a Slideshow video?

The length of your Slideshow depends on the number of pictures you provide. Typically for around 300 pictures, the Slideshow runs for about 15 minutes and includes 4 songs. If you want, I can also include a Loop option in your DVD menu to play your Slideshow continuously during the party!

Can you make my show somewhat different from the samples you have?

The sample shows on this website are just examples of my work. I have hundreds of other color schemes, layouts, backgrounds and special effects that I use to custom-make the shows exactly the way each client needs. I'll also assist you in choosing music that goes well with your pictures. So whatever be your theme or event, be rest assured that your Slideshow will be tailored to fit in perfectly!

Can't I create a slideshow myself or ask a friend to make it for me?

Certainly you can. However, slideshows made with free software do not match up to the quality of those made with professional-grade equipment. Professional software can be expensive to buy and a lot of time is needed to learn all their features. Your time is definitely better spent planning for the special day instead of stressing out on creating a show!

I have been producing slideshows for years and for practically every event possible. I have learnt from experience what works and what does not, and will use my artistic skills to make an outstanding show totally custom designed for you!

To learn more, check out top 5 reasons to celebrate with a Smiling Snaps DVD.

How should I send you my digital pictures?

After submitting the Order Form you will be directed to the Pictures Upload page where you can select picture files from your computer and upload them to me. If you prefer, you may skip this step and choose to upload your pictures at a later time when you are ready.

You also have the choice of not using the Pictures Upload page at all, in which case you can mail me your pictures on a CD, DVD, Flash Drive or Memory Card. I'll return your media back to you, after completion of your Slideshow DVD.

I have printed photographs. Can I get a Slideshow made from them?

Yes, definitely! If you have access to a scanner, you could get your prints scanned (at a resolution of 300 DPI or more) and send me the digital images in JPG format. For best results, please ensure that the scanner glass is wiped clean (with a dry lint-free cloth) after every few scans.

If you need me to scan your photo prints, please package them securely and fedex them to me using a trackable & insured shipping service. I use a professional-grade scanner with color correction and scratch reduction for optimum scan quality. There is a nominal charge for this photo scanning service. I'll return your photographs back to you, after completion of your Slideshow DVD.

Do I have to sort my pictures or specify the transitions, captions, colors to use?

I can do all that for you! Before I start working on creating your Slideshow, I would discuss the theme that you have in mind, including music and other special requests. I would also be happy to offer you my recommendations about the design of your Slideshow. If you already have a plan about how you want your pictures to be arranged or if you really liked a particular effect that you saw in my sample shows, please feel free to tell me and I'll be glad to include that in your show.

Should my digital pictures be of a minimum size or quality?

If you are sending me pictures that you saved directly from a digital camera, they should be fine!

If you downloaded your pictures from a website or if your pictures have been clicked using a mobile phone, please verify that they are reasonably big in size so that they look good when seen on a big screen. If you are in doubt about the size/quality of your pictures, please contact me and I'll be glad to check them out for you.

If you are planning to send me scanned images of your printed photos, please request the scanning to be done at a resolution of 300dpi or more.

Do you digitally enhance my photos to remove red-eye?

Absolutely. I take great care to ensure that there are no red-eyes in the Slideshow. Whenever necessary, I crop unwanted areas of your pictures and adjust their brightness and contrast.

Will the Slideshow play on a TV and a computer?

The Slideshow DVD will be compatible with almost any DVD player, whether in your home or in your car. Computers with DVD drives will also be able to play it. If you order your Slideshow on High-definition Blu-ray Discs, you will need a Blu-ray player and an HDTV to enjoy them. If you do not live in the US, I can provide you the DVD in other formats (PAL/SECAM/NTSC) as well.

How much time do you need to make a Slideshow?

Orders are processed on a First Come First Served basis. From the moment I receive your pictures, it usually takes between 2-4 weeks for producing a Slideshow. Please allow extra time for orders placed during the peak season (May-July and Nov-Dec).

If you need your DVD to be made in less than 2 weeks, please request a Rush Order and I'll process it on a higher priority to ensure that you receive your DVD in time.

How much will a Slideshow cost?

The price of a Slideshow is based on the number of pictures you provide. A complete pricing information is in the Pricing Plans section of the website. There is a plan for everyone!

Can I get additional copies of the Slideshow DVD?

Of course. For extra charges, please look at the Pricing Plans section of the website. The Slideshows make excellent return favors for Baby Showers, Birthdays and other special gatherings.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept checks, money orders and major credit cards through PayPal.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Privacy of your information is extremely important to me. Any data you provide will only be used for creating your Slideshow DVD. For details, please read the Privacy Policy of this website.

I don't live near you. Do you accept orders from out-of-state clients?

I have clients from all over the United States- and many from Canada, UK, Australia and other countries. All my communications with clients are through email and phone. As long as I can reach you by these means, I'll be happy to make a Slideshow for you!

I need to ask you something. How should I contact you?

I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to call me or send me an email regarding your concern. My contact information is here.