Including Audio, Video, Pictures, and other media files in Slideshows

February 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

A common theme with one of the most asked questions last year was regarding what could be included in the slideshow.

"What can I include in my slideshow? Can I include Pictures, Text, Labels, Artwork, Video Clips, and Audio Voiceovers? Can two or more of the above media be playing at the same time? Will it all come together seamlessly?"

The answer is "YES" to all!

Here is a perfect example of multiple media being played simultaneously in one slideshow:

Loading video...

When Mr. Walker played his Smiling Snaps slideshow at his daughter's wedding, he received countless compliments. He sent me a heartwarming testimonial in form of a video. I included it in a slideshow with some of their pictures, some text, and artwork.

Over the years, I have included many interesting items in my slideshows. Some rare and memorable ones are:
1 - Family Karaoke
2 - Morse Code to say "I LOVE YOU"
3 - Phone Voicemails from a family member who had passed away

So if you have an idea, and would like to include something unique and interesting in your slideshow, do contact me and I would love to discuss the details with you!

Thank you and Keep Smiling!

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