3 Simple Tips for Shooting Great Videos

November 08, 2015

It is easier than ever to shoot videos of your memorable moments because smart phones are everywhere! Most phones can record videos in high definition and you can come up with amazing results if you take care of a few points.

I receive video clips from my clients to be included in their slideshows very often and after watching hundreds of them, I have come up with a short list to help you shoot better videos.

Hold Your Phone Horizontally

Please hold your phone in landscape mode. Since television screens, computer screens and projectors are all horizontal, hence more wide than tall, shooting a video vertically will result in a lot of wasted space on the screen on either side of the video. Videos look best if they are shot wide instead of long and I cannot stress this enough.

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Video Quality

Lighting and stability are very important when shooting a video. Try to shoot from a position so that the light is behind you and falling on the subject. Shooting into the light can give you a glare and a silhouette instead of a clear picture. Please try to keep your hands stable. You may have to use both your hands to hold the phone steady. If you know it is going to be a long video and have access to a tripod, it is a great option!

Quality of Sound

The sound quality in the video is just as important as the picture. If the video is shot impromptu, you can try coming close to the subject. If the video is planned, please try to shoot it in a quiet place with no background sound. Microphones often catch a lot of sound from the wind so try and shoot indoors. If it has to be outdoors, please plan your shoot on a less breezy day.

So have fun capturing your funny, sentimental, cute, and crazy videos so that you can include them in your slideshow. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you and Keep Smiling!

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