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"Thank you, thank you, thank you! The slideshow you made for our new puppy we brought home is fabulous. It is a memory that we will cherish forever. You mixed still pictures and video clips of our little dog flawlessly with music. We cannot say enough good things about the slideshow!"

~Charlie M., Florida

"Vish, your montage service is so good. I am glad we found Smiling Snaps at our time of need. You were so professional and kind when we were going through a difficult time in our lives. Losing a pet is so hard and you made us a beautiful DVD that will let us save the memories of Max. It was such a heartfelt memorial and we could do it only because of your help."

~Molly K., New York

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Pets are a part of your family. Whether you have a dog, cat or a horse - you love them and care for them. When they pass away, they leave beautiful memories. Create a heartfelt montage to give them a meaningful memorial tribute and preserve their photos and videos.

Also, get a slideshow made to celebrate their birthdays, homecoming anniversaries, and other special days - there is no better way to tell your pet's story and what you love about them!

Every photo slide show is designed with full personal care and creativity. Each DVD is packaged in an attractive white case- beautifully printed with your pet’s picture and a personalized message. This DVD will help you cherish your pet’s memories for years to come!

Slideshows for Pet Memorials

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