Make Your Wedding Celebrations Pop
September 16, 2014

This month, the world of wedding celebrations has been buzzing with Angelina Jolie's wedding veil! In fact, it is being discussed far beyond the wedding industry. I have seen pictures, articles, and opinions being published in tabloids and news channels alike.

Angelina Jolie wedding veil

Some of my friends call it crazy and something only Hollywood celebrities could pull off. However, like many others, my friend Judy S. thinks it is sweet and touching and something she would get her kids to do when she marries. Either way, what makes it a topic of interest is the fact that this has never been done before!

When I think of personal touches at weddings that make them truly memorable, the lines that come to mind are "Something old, Something new. Something borrowed, Something blue". The lines have originated from an old rhyme in England that refers to what brides should wear on their wedding day to assure good luck. You can let your imagination run wild with this concept and make this fun.

Brides love to pick something sentimental for their "borrowed" and "old" in the above rhyme. A piece or jewelry is amazing to honor and give respect to someone you love. An elegant hairpin that belonged to grandma or your mom's tiara on your modern hair updo will work wonders. I have seen brides paint their toes blue for the "something blue". Some have their initials embroidered in blue under the hem of their wedding gown. One of my friends, Nici T. had "I Do" studded in blue under her shoes.

Something Blue I Do Shoes

And her groom had "She's Mine" under his shoes. How sweet is that?

Groom shoes She is Mine

If you have a fun, interesting idea about how to make your wedding celebrations pop, please contact me and let me know your story and I will be happy to share it here.

Thank you and Keep Smiling!

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