Sweet Sixteen Unique Celebration Ideas
September 14, 2012

Celebrating a sweet sixteen is a tricky thing to do, mostly because there is no set rule and every 16 year old girl has her own big personality! She can be anywhere from totally sentimental to absolutely not, and everything in-between!

sweet sixteen birthday party ideas

These are just some points I have jotted down over the years about things I found interesting about celebrating a sweet sixteen:

*Let her be in charge, at least for the majority of the party. You might want to have a small surprise for her though. One of my clients invited her birthday girl's grandparents from Germany and did not tell her. Some get their pictures together starting from the time she was born, and get a lovely Sweet 16 slideshow made here and keep it their big secret. It is always nice to have a small element of surprise to ooh and aah over!

*Stick with a theme. Having the decor, mood, music and food around the same theme helps hold things together in place. Pinterest is great for crafty ideas to stay within your theme. Do not forget to have healthy food options!

healthy food

*A great way to lead to the cake cutting is lighting sixteen candles, one by one, with gentle music playing at the back and dim lights while the parents tell cute, funny and emotional stories about her from when she was little. I found it very touching, and a great time to reflect back on the sixteen years.

*Organize creative, fun games. The days of pinning the tail on the donkey are gone! Have fun scavenger hunts, dance-offs, karaoke and "Minute to Win It" kind of games.

sweet 16 dance party

*The one day I ventured out of my house with no camera on me, I saw a car parked with hundreds of sticky notes on it. On closer inspection, I realized they were little notes from friends and family for the sweet sixteen. It was such a unique idea - so frugal, sentimental and fun! I am sure she took tons of pictures with the car and striped off the post-its and has them somewhere safe :-) Just make sure, there is no forecast of rain that day! If you decide to ever do this - please email me a picture so that I can post it on this blog post!

Sixteenth birthdays are unique, so should be the celebrations. If planned carefully, a sixteenth birthday can be a cherished memory that would remain with a person as the mark of growing up.

Thank you and Keep Smiling!

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